Duties of Temple Priesthood

If You Are A First Degree Priestess or Priest attached To A Particular Correllian Temple

If you are part of the Clergy of a particular Correllian Temple, all of the same things which are expected of a solitary Cleric are also expected of you.

In addition, it is incumbent upon you to fulfill an active role in your Temple commensurate with your abilities and with the Temple's requirements.

As Clergy of the First Degree you must attend your Temple's rituals and events, and strive to take an active part in them. Your Temple will most likely have a minimum number of ceremonies which it will require you to attend, but however few or many may be required you should try to attend as many Temple events as possible.

You should be active in ritual, and take an active part in Temple events. Show your support for your Temple by your presence, but also by your willingness to take part and do what is needed. Do not hesitate to give your time and energy to the Temple, for the Temple needs these if it is to prosper and endure.

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