Application for Correllian First Degree Clergy

In order to be considered for Clergy status you must be age 18 or older and must have valid current documentation of identification and date of birth on file with the Correllian Records Office or with the Temple of Sedna UK. 
Two forms of current legal identification, including at least one with a photo can be sent to your Mentor along with your application or can be emailed or mailed separately to Rev. Anna at the Temple of Sedna, email:

Acceptable forms of identification include: drivers license, passport, birth certificate, social security card, government issued identification, or school ID. Other documents that verify your identity may be considered with advance approval.  Please note that your application cannot be finalized until these documents are received. 
Our Clergy are expected to obey the Wiccan Rede, all Tradition policies, and all applicable laws. Clerical status is granted at our sole discretion and may be revoked by the Tradition at will.

Please contact Rt. Rev. Anna Rowe: with any questions or concerns about your application.  Payment of Clergy fee is either by paypal or cheque once your application has been approved

Further application instructions can be found HERE



The First Degree of Clergy is the entry level of the Correllian Priesthood. As a First Degree Priest/ess you have dedicated yourself to Deity, and to a life on a Spiritual path. As a Novice Priest/ess, the First Degree should be familiar with the details of the Wiccan faith, having a thorough grounding in Wiccan philosophy and Traditions. The First Degree Priest/ess should be
able to answer most questions about Wicca on a practical (as opposed to philosophical) level.  The First Degree Priest/ess should be able to take any role in ritual with reasonable confidence, short of ritual leader.

As a First Degree Cleric you may choose to become a specialist in one or more areas and use your knowledge to enrich your life or the lives of others. You may also, if you choose, continue your Clerical studies and become Second or eventually even Third Degree Clergy. You might decide to teach, join a Correllian Temple or Order, accept a position with the Tradition or Witch School, conduct academic research, author books, conduct projects of benefit to the greater community, or participate with other groups or organizations. We are all life-long learners on this path. What we do depends upon our personal goals, energy, dedication, and commitment.


HONOUR Deity always, both as Goddess and as God. Revere the sacred spark of life which is within you and within all things. Revere also the sacred dance of life which is manifest as the physical world.

HONOUR the Earth, Nature, and Her processes. All life is sacred, and the entire Universe is one Being, Whose soul is Gaia. All which exists is eternally and inseparably connected through the Spirit of the Goddess and the Dance of the God.

HONOUR the Divinity within you. Do not pollute your sacredness with hatred, nor with falsehood. Be honourable, fair, and truthful in all things. Strive always to act from your Higher Self, in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

HONOUR the Divinity within others. We are all sacred, all manifestations of Deity. Therefore follow always the Wiccan Rede: “Do as you will, but harm none.”

HONOUR your Tradition. You are an initiate of the Correllian Tradition –honour it and respect its tenets. The Tradition is a family, bound by love and honour -uphold and defend it always, even as the Tradition supports you.
HONOUR your fellow Correllian Clergy -remember that they have worked hard for their status, just as you have for yours. Show them always the respect to which Correllian Clergy are entitled. Honour the Elders of the Tradition and the leadership of the Tradition -remember that they have spent many years working for the good of the Tradition and the advancement of Pagans everywhere.

HONOUR your fellow Pagans. Remember always: A Pagan is a Pagan. Our faith comes down to us through many cultures and Traditions. We are as a thousand mirrors reflecting the image of Deity from a thousand angles. We have many differences, yet we must never let these stand between us, but embrace one another as a single people. Remember that your fellow Pagans, whatever their background, are on a spiritual path just as you are. Remember that your fellow Pagan Clergy, though their training and views may be different, have worked just as hard for their rank, and believe just as deeply in the tenets of their Traditions, as you yourself. Therefore, while you may sometimes disagree or come into conflict with other Clergy, you should always show them the same civility and respect that you expect to receive yourself.


A First Degree Priest/ess can perform virtually any ceremony for themselves. Moreover there are five ceremonies that a Correllian First Degree can perform in the name of the Tradition itself. These are;

Lesser Wiccaning ritual· Coming of Age ritual· Outer Court Dedication ritual· Lesser Handfasting ritual· Lesser Funereal Ritual

In addition in certain instances if a First Degree is serving as the protégée of a Third Degree, they may be empowered to enact a number of rites normally reserved to the Third Degree (such as legal wedding ceremonies) under the Imperium of their Third Degree sponsor. Contact your Mentor or the Correllian Directorate for approval and assistance before attempting if you are ever asked to perform such a ceremony. All ceremonies conducted in the name of the Tradition (weddings, rites of passage, initiations, etc.) must be reported to the Office of Records immediately upon completion for it to be considered official. Failure to adhere to our policies may render ceremonies invalid, and could jeopardize your Clerical standing. 

Any problems with this application form please email:

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