Lustration of the Ancestors 2008

The Lustration of the Ancestors was held the weekend of April 20th at Carlton Manor House in Carlton-Coleville, Suffolk, United Kingdom. This was the first ever Lustration ceremony to be held outside of the United States, and thus something of a historic marker for our Tradition.

When we decided to hold Lustration in the United Kingdom, no one knew what to expect. We knew that many people who regularly attend Lustration in the US would probably not be able to make the trip, but we felt it was important an important step in acknowledging our growing international membership, and the fact that we have become very much a global Tradition.


L to R Arch Priestess Krystel, High Priestess Anna Rowe,

Rev. Nehal Shah, Rev. Don, Rev. Lilith, High Priestess Debbe Tompkins, and Rev. Mick Battley after the Lustration.

Rev. Anna Rowe and the Temple of Sedna hosted this Lustration, and we would like to thank Lady Anna and all the people of Sedna Temple for their hard work in making this Lustration a reality. The event was held at historic Carlton Manor in Suffolk, a lovely old Manor house now become a comfortable hotel.

The weekend began Friday with a workshop on Runes by Gothi Freyatru. 

Saturday morning we held the Temple Deeming ceremony. I acted as Templar Grand Deemster with Rev. Debbe Tompkins and Rev. Mick Battley joining me on the Dais. Deeming is the process by which Correllian groups are evaluated and passed on to the next level of development in the Temple Making Process.

* Sekhmet Proto-Temple, of Ontario, Canada, led by Rev. Mary Keller, HP

* Rainbow Serpent Witan Shrine, of Cranbourne, Australia, led by Rev. Olivia Watts

* Lilith Witan Shrine, of Zoetermeer, Netherlands, led by Rev. Lilith

* Isis Witan Shrine, of Suffolk UK, led by Anna Rowe, HP

The Shrine of the Rainbow Serpent and the Shrine of Lilith were Deemed as Proto-Temples: The Proto-Temple of Sekhmet and Shrine of Isis, both led by seated High Priestesses, were Deemed as full Temples. Congratulations to all of these excellent groups!



​Saturday afternoon we had initiations, as is customary. Most of these were Initiatory Confirmations: real-time Initiation ceremonies confirming previous Self-Initiations.

Because we fully recognize Self-Initiations, owing to the wide-ranging geographic dispersal of our membership, real-time Initiatory Confirmation is not necessary, but many people choose to do it for the sake of the experience.

Gothi Freyatru acted as Paladin for the occasion, guarding the initiates and escorting them to the Temple.

Rev. Mick Battley received his Second Degree initiation, while Rev. Karl Ben-Jedi, Rev. Nehal Shah (Rev. Nelly), and Rev. Lilith received their First Degree initiations. Congratulations to everyone!

​After the initiations Rev. Anna and Rev. Karl led us all down to the shore of the North Sea to collect the local water for Lustration. Rev. Karl, wearing a formal black suit and open black robe, collected the Lustral Water.

After the water gathering ceremony, we returned to Carlton Manor where Lady Krystel conducted a Spirit Guide workshop and a Message Circle. The evening ended with a lovely dinner and social time. Rev. Mick Battley, who is Ritual Officer for Sedna Temple, organized preparations for the Lustration ritual, doing an outstanding job.

​Sunday morning we began with the mixing of the North Sea water with the Vermilion River water collected by Rev. Jason of Enchanted Realm Temple, and the Seed Water saved from previous Lustrations. Lady Anna and I performed this ceremony in the Lustration chamber before the main rites began. Then we were ready for the Lustration itself.

Rev. Anna Rowe took the role of First Priestess’ Herald Pro Tem, acting for the First Priestess. Freyatru took the role of Guardian and also Vocifer. Lady Debbe took the role of Elder’s Herald Pro Tem acting for the First Elder. Rev. Karl Ben-Jedi, Rev. Mick Battley, and Rev. Lilith took the roles of Quarter Guardians. Seeing the need, Lady Krystel who had intended only to act as Grand Oracle, also filled in the role of the fourth Quarter Guardian. Rev. Lilith and Rev. Nelly acted as Offertory Priestesses.

​The ceremony went very well and very smoothly. As you know the Spring Lustration honours the Ancestors and includes a place to acknowledge those who have newly joined the Ancestors. Usually there is no one recently crossed to honour in the ceremony, but this year we honored three of our Beloved Ones who have moved on to the Ancestors Court.


Arch Priestess Krystel delivers the Oracle of the Ancestors,

during the Lustration ceremony

Lady Krystel delivered the Oracle which said:

” This Lustration, the first “International Lustration”, marks a new level and a new beginning in the work of the Tradition. From this point forward much that has been given in the past but not yet seen will now be made manifest. As we have been telling you in your weekly channellings there is much more to be done –we have given you some idea of this work but now your level of understanding will be increased.


"The Tradition will explode outward in many directions that you would not now believe if we told you. Keep your hearts uplifted: your intentions clear: and let your faith carry you forward in these new directions which are now to be come. Our love is with you and upon you at all times. Our gratitude to you: for doing this work in the physical, which is not always easily done but is so necessary for the commitments that have been made aeons ago.


"No one here is a stranger to this work. No one here is a beginner. All have pledged to this long, long ago. And now you are….so close…to achieving that which has but begun.”



As is our custom at each Lustration, awards were given for service.

We do this to show the deep gratitude we feel to all those who give of themselves so unselfishly to help others and to make our Tradition the best that it can be.

This was an experience that I am sure none of us will ever forget, and a tremendous joy for all. Thank you everyone, and I look forward to seeing every one of you again!

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