In Greek and Roman mythology, the Oceanids were the three thousand daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys.

One of these many daughters was also said to have been the wife of the god Poseidon, typically named as Amphitrite. Each of these nymphs was the patroness of a particular spring, river, ocean, lake, pond, pasture, flower or cloud.
Oceanus and Tethys also had 3000 sons, the river-gods (Potamoi).

Whereas most sources  limit the term Oceanids or  Oceaniades to the daughters, others include both the sons and  daughters under this term.

Acaste, Admete, Aethra, Amaltheia, Amphiro, Amphitrite - Usually counted as a goddess of the sea, Argia, Asia or Clymene - Nymph of the Asian region, sister to Europe

Beroe, Bolbe

Callirrhoe, Calypso, Caphira, Cerceis, Ceto, Chryseis, Clio, Clymene, Clytie or Clytia

Daira, Dione, Doris - Oceanid of "pure water", wife of the sea god Nereus.

Eidyia or Idyia, Electra, Ephyra, Eudore, Europa, Eurynome



Ianira, Ianthe - Nymph of violet rain clouds or violet flowers


Leucippe, Lysithea

Melia, Meliboea, Menestho, Merope, Metis - Goddess of wisdom, first spouse of Zeus



Pasithoe, Peitho, Periboea, Perse or Perseis, Petraea, Philyra, Pleione - Mother of the Pleiades by Atlas, Plouto or Pluto - Mother of Tantalus

Polydora, Prymno

Rhode or Rhodia

Styx - Oceanid of the river Styx that flowed nine times around Hades the only female river spirit

Telesto, Thoe, Tyche



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