Oracle 2017

Great things have already been achieved, a goal has been reached.
The success and accomplishments have created
A richness, spiritually and materially for the future.

Wisdom has been gained from the past apply it to the present
Through hard work, determination and patience future rewards will be reaped.

Although a project has been stalled, all is going well and is on the right track.

Solitude will bring depth and wisdom.

A new way of seeing things may lead to insights and enlightenment
Open up to psychic energies, different ideas, things may be on hold for a reason.

Push ahead but be cautious, there may be upheaval or change in the future beyond our control.

A decision will be made that cannot be reversed, let go and allow things to sort themselves out.

Seek help rather than going it alone.

Take time, consider all aspects, weigh options, be objective.

Do not deviate from the rules before making a decision so it can be executed with confidence.

Be a source of peace and diplomacy.

Balance and harmony will bring perspective for an imminent new direction, transition or change.

Burdens may feel heavy, perseverance is key, success will be the child of effort."