Oracle for the Lustration of the Living Temple of Sedna 2018

Temple of Sedna  online regional Lustration of the Living 16 October 2018.

 Attended and performed by international members of the Temple of Sedna from various parts of the world.

Remember the good times of the past this will help with the future bad times.

Pitfalls and obstacles have been in the way but can be overcome.

Be receptive to creative opportunities and divine love and compassion for all. Embrace it with an open heart for spiritual and emotional fulfilment.

Be open and allow  emotions to shine through your creative endeavours. The beginnings of something new are being created, this is a time of giving not taking, help others you have the power to bring happiness and positive energy.

A time of birth of new ideas new inspirations, a time of creative energy.

Do not be too trusting, beware the consequences of your actions. Take advantage of your opportunities to let dear ones know how you feel, do not hold back.

A new environment is now possible and the natural forces of harmony will be experienced.

Give and receive, the teacher gives wisdom and security to the student. Family deserve caring, love and respect for the necessity for expansion beyond self with benefit to all. Emotional recognition will be in abundance.

Beware of being stripped of confidence within, abusive serious problems are eventual and betrayal to those who are trusted will affect the outcome of future endeavours. Change is inevitable, inspiration on new ways of doing things suddenly arise.

The bottom is imminent with either a slow descent or a rapid fall to a disaster which cannot be avoided failure will not be small or easily overcome, stay strong and build from the ashes. Beware of other's opinions which lead from truth, pragmatism will balance optimism.