Oracle for the Lustration of the Living Temple of Sedna 2019

Temple of Sedna  online regional Lustration of the Living 22 October 2019

 Attended and performed by international members of the Temple of Sedna from various parts of the world.

Spirit has always been willing to assist us. Spirit will provide the answers we seek, open up to spirit and peace will prevail, allow positive intentions and affirmations prevail.

New perceptions are taking hold, clarity of thought will broaden your perspective and the clouds of confusion will clear. This could mean new beginnings are available to all. Break out of old toxic thought patterns. Dreams can become realities, be grateful to spirit.

Be truthful in your expressions with yourself and others. Speak up let your words flow. A communication project is forthcoming and a heightened communication with spirit. The way is now clear and smooth, move on to harmonious and peaceful outcomes!