Oracle for the Lustration of the Living Temple of Sedna 2020

Temple of Sedna  online regional Lustration of the Living 19 October 2020

There has been a successful putting down of roots and passing on of traditions and creations for generations to come, a strong foundation has been laid but this path has been filled with setbacks and challenges.


We must accept now, all aspects of our natures so our fears can be released, this will give way to positive energy and remove blocks so progress can follow.


Important decisions are to be made regarding an unexpected new adventure.


Recognize the path of personal development

It is now time for something new, risks must be taken even if they seem foolish or risky.


Time is ripe for change which must be taken, take action even if only in a small way. 


Deal with the situation rather than continue to be controlled by it.

Accepting the power and depth of our inner experience enables us to remain true to ourselves.

Give your complete attention to events as they are occurring in the present moment.

Lustration ritual was attended by members of the Temple of Sedna living in England, USA, Denmark and Sweden.
  • Vocifer (Ritual Leader) - Rev. WinterGhost
  • Priestess and Rite Priestess - Lady Anna AP
  • Priest and Rite Priest - Rev. Equinox Silvermoon
  • Eastern Guardian -  Rev. Bella
  • Southern Guardian - Lady Wolfciara HP
  • Western Guardian - Rev. Bella
  • Northern Guardian - Rev. Phoenix Knor'malle HP


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