Ritual Organizer Application Form

If you have completed the ‘writing and performing online rituals’ course and feel you would like to help with online ritual in any way we would love you to join us in the ‘Ritual Organizers’ group.

You can help out in various ways either by supporting the online rituals by attending and taking part when you can or by spreading the word to the various Correllian or Witchschool groups by posting the upcoming times and days of ritual.

We also would love to have ritual leaders for the various time zones across the world and need a number of people to support online ritual by becoming a ritual leader for the area/time zone they live in.  You would be provided with an already written template to use for the rituals you would be leading.

We are also happy to have people write new rituals for us or compose new quarter calls.

Ritual Organziers Membership
Have you successfully completed the Writing and Performing Online Ritual course
If you are accepted in the Ritual Organizers group you will be expected to participate, will you have the time to work with the group
In what way will you be able to help? Please choose all that apply

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