Application for Correllian Third Degree Clergy

In order to be considered for Clergy status you must be age 18 or older and must have valid current documentation of identification and date of birth on file with the Correll Mother Temple.

Two forms of current legal identification, including at least one with a photo can be sent to your Mentor along with your application or can be emailed or mailed separately to the Temple of Sedna if they are not already on file.

Acceptable forms of identification include: drivers license, passport, birth certificate, social security card, government issued identification, or school ID. Other documents that verify your identity may be considered with advance approval. 

Please note that your application cannot be finalized until these documents and the application fee are received.

Our Clergy are expected to obey the Wiccan Rede, all Tradition policies, and all applicable laws. Clerical status is granted at our sole discretion and may be revoked by the Tradition at will.

Please contact your Mentor or the Temple of Sedna if you have any questions or require assistance with this application, or with any Clerical or administrative concerns at any time

Application fees for 3rd Degree are $150
(Mother Temple fee is $150)


Application for Correllian Third Degree Clergy

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