The Temple of Sedna holds an online Lustration of the Living once a year.

This is the regional Lustration of the Living for the Correllian Tradition and is held buy a variety of Temples who are member of the Tradition. We endeavour to make it accessable t those who for one reason or another cannot attend a live one by providing an online Lustration of the Living Ritual once a year.

The Lustration of the Living is held on a Regional basis with any number of Temples holding Regional Lustrations for people in their areas. Any number of Regional Lustrations may occur in a given season, as any Correllian group with a Third Degree able to perform the Oracle may hold a Regional Lustration. Regional Lustrations are usually held between the first weekend of September and early October.

The first online Regional Lustration of the Living Ritual was performed by members of the Temple of Sedna 28 September 2012.  Several nationalities were represented including Temple of Sedna members from Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Greece, Israel USA and Great Britain.

Temple of Sedna held the first Lustration of the Ancestors on 18 - 20 April 2008 attended by the First Priesthood, this was the first Lustration held in the UK and the first held outside of the USA.  Go Here:


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